Greek New Testament

Anthony J Fisher
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This is a browsable, Web-based interface to the Greek New Testament (GNT). It has several distinguishing features.


I am a student of New Testament Greek. I am in no sense an expert. I wrote the programs which implement the interface in order to learn NT Greek better.

The system is in its early stages, and it has a few deficiencies of which I am aware (and, no doubt, many more which are obvious to you, the reader).


To start, press one or other of the buttons at the top of this page, and follow the instructions from there.

If you click on a Greek word, it will turn red and a table will appear, giving information about the word, including its root and grammatical category.

At the moment, an English translation is not given. I am in two minds about providing this facility; it might hinder, rather than enhance, the learning of the vocabulary.


For information on the provenance of the text, see this page.